Equine Sports Massage in North Yorkshire


Debbie Richmond is a qualified Dip. ICAT (Dist) equine sports massage therapist, fully insured and working only with Veterinary approval. (Veterinary Surgeons Act,1966)
Dip. ICAT (Dist.)

Vet Referral Form

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Richmond Equine Massage Vet Referral form

Vet Referral Form

What Is Equine Sports Massage?

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy, having been used from ancient times to the present, and is now an accepted part of modern veterinary medicine.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the horse's body promoting its ability to function efficiently, improving the horse's performance and helping to prevent injury.
Sports massage incorporates stretching exercises to increase flexibility and the range of motion of the horse's joints, improve coordination and reduce muscle strain.

How Massage Benefits Your Horse

  • Prevention & quicker recovery from injury
  • Improved muscle tone, relieves fatigued muscles
  • Improved flexibilty of joints/ increased stride length
  • Relaxes stressed or nervous horses
  • Reduces stress on the nervous system
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increases circulation -improving heart function, helping box-rest horses
  • Tissue function improved- increased blood supply assists removal of toxins
  • Skin circulation increases improving the condition of the coat
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