Equine Sports Massage in North Yorkshire


Debbie Richmond is a qualified Dip. ICAT (Dist) equine sports massage therapist, fully insured and working only with Veterinary approval. (Veterinary Surgeons Act,1966)
ICAT trained

Vet Referral Form

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Richmond Equine Massage Vet Referral form

Vet Referral Form

Testimonials to Debbie's work

Improved flexibility Peter is a 19 year old retired showjumper. He had some stiffness, muscle wastage on his topline and had difficulties cantering on the left rein.
Peter was initially difficult to work with but became more relaxed following treatments. His schooling work improved and he is now enjoying competing at a lower level.

'improved his flexibility & musculature' - G. Turner

Basil is 12 years old and was previously showjumped to a high level. He is a bit of a worrier and was very stiff in his shoulders. Basil became much more relaxed and supple following massage treatments and is working very well in all disciplines.

'more relaxed & supple'
- V. Binding
more relaxed and supple

nicer to handle Falimar is a 6 year old TB who was raced from the age of 2-4 years. She had overdeveloped muscle on the underside of her neck and no topline. She is a sensitive mare who responded well to massage. Her muscle development has improved and she is now enjoying life as a general riding horse.

'nicer to handle' - J. Wilson

Louis is a 6 year old who hunts regularly. He had previously had saddle fitting problems due to his conformation and was initially sensitive in this area as a result. Following treatment Louis became much more supple and is jumping very well.

'very pleased with the results'
- D. Liddle
now jumping very well

really enjoyed his massage Murphy is a 10 year old native pony who doesn't like strangers, especially men. He could be very naughty when ridden, napping and spinning.
On my first visit he was very wary and would not let me work on his LH side. By my 3rd visit he was like my best friend and really enjoying his massage.
He is now hacking and jumping really well.

'much more relaxed' S Abbott